Lea Thompson Hairstyles

Lea Thompson is an American actress, born on May 31, 1961. She is known for her role in the comedy "Caroline in the City."
  • Lea Thompson with her hair up
  • long gypsy haircut
  • Lea Thompson

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Some of her notable movie roles include playing McFly's mother in "Back to the Future" and characters in "Red Dawn," "Jaws 3-D," and "Howard the Duck." Lea has come a long way in her career, and her hairstyles have evolved significantly as well.
The volume of her hair has decreased since her very big '80s hairstyles, but she has maintained a certain length, just around the shoulder line. Lea uses layers and curls to achieve good volume and bounce. Parted on the side, her fringe flows nicely in a big curve around her forehead, or she also pulls it closer to her face.
Among her best hairstyles are some chin-length, retro looks with large curls and a more modern interpretation in the shape of a medium-length, wispy textured, layered haircut with a light fringe. She achieves good definition of shape and reflections with the help of highlights, mostly close to her face.
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