Lauren Cohan Hairstyles

  • Lauren Cohan
  • Lauren Cohan sporting a neck length hairstyle
  • Lauren Cohan with short hair

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Born in 1982, American-born and British actress Lauren Cohan lived in New Jersey while growing up and moved to the UK where she graduated from the University of Winchester. She made her first debut in 2005 with the film Casanova.
With a chiseled face and flat forehead, Lauren makes hairstyles and make-up seem like no hassle. Her face and distinct features work well with hair volume; whether her hair is short, medium length or longer.
She can wear side parts with hair on either side to accentuate her pronounced features. Her sharp chin is ready for a straight or curly bob. A tousled tress would do Lauren's features a lot of justice. However, she should and usually avoids wearing her hair back in a ponytail or cut to a pixie.
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