Low Maintenance Bob

Lisa Butcher wearing her hair in a low maintenance bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Lisa Butcher wore a long v front black dress with a long chain of pearls at the November 11, 2009 Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards. Her hairstyle was coiffed in an off centered part with a slightly waved bob that curls under along the neckline in the back and cuffed around the jaw line.
Her hair color could be high maintenance, but most people today have at least one form of streaking or slicing done to their hair and depending upon how much new growth you mind showing would be how often you get the touch up foiling done. Some go once a month, others wait three to five months. The important thing is not to try to foil your hair yourself.
Lisa's haircut is a low maintenance for you, especially if you consider a body perm to have that gentle curve she has in her hairstyle. A blow dry with a large round brush after you wash your hair would be all you'd have to do.
Please remember when you are blow drying to keep your blow dryer at least 8 cm or 3 inches away from your hair, if not further and do not set your dryer on hot. The hot setting will blast your cuticles open, robbing the moisture and leaving them unprotected. Under a microscope one strand of blown dry hair looks like an opened fish scale. This is why it is imperative to replace the moisture you rob from the blow dryer and hot rollers and close those cuticles back up into a smooth structure. Use a good leave in conditioner.
When you opt to buy a hydra repair the moisture goes back inside your hair. Oils are good to cover the hair shaft for the outer protection. You can use things in your own food pantry like, olive or safflower oils. If you happen to belong to the 10% of women today who do not color their hair, it is still vital to use a protein repair and a protection for your outer hair shaft.
For her makeup Lisa uses a light tanned foundation to match her skin tones, eye concealor, arched eyebrows, smoky light tones for the eye shadow, eyeliner that circles her eyes, lashes and mascara bronzing and a light rose pink lip tint.
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