Lisa Butcher Hairstyles

Lisa Butcher is a British fashion model and television presenter, born in 1971.
  • Lisa Butcher

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As the presenter of "What Not to Wear," Lisa knows exactly which hairstyles suit her best to maintain her impeccable style. She has mastered the art of casual elegance, with hairstyles that exude effortless and timeless charm. Her bob haircuts are always sophisticated and chic, suitable for any occasion.
Lisa looks fantastic in a classic bob cut just below the chin, where all hair is trimmed at the same level and slightly turned inward. Her blonde hair showcases both light and darker tones, creating depth and dimension.
Another standout style for her is a shorter haircut with an A-line shape and a high graduated neckline. For a more playful twist on the straight bob, she opts for a similar cut with textured layers, a shorter fringe, and styled volume.
Lisa sticks to blonde hair color, enhancing sandy tones with shading and highlights to add drama and dimension.
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