Leila Birch Hair

Leila Birch hair
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The beautiful actress Leila Birch walked the red carpet for the 'Life's a Drag' Screening Party at the Downtown Independent Theater on May 11, 2015, in Los Angeles, California, showcasing a look that perfectly balanced elegance and sophistication.
Leila impressed in a classic knee-length, sleeveless royal blue dress that flattered her figure and exuded timeless style. She paired the dress with simple black pumps, allowing the striking color of her dress to take center stage. Her choice of a deep red lipstick was strategic, creating a stunning contrast against her blue shift dress and adding a pop of bold color to her look. To balance the bold lip color, Leila opted for lighter eye makeup, ensuring her overall appearance was polished without being overwhelming.
Her hair, described as a level 5wr, features warm undertones that enhance its richness and shine, making it particularly effective for photography and outdoor settings. This warm, rich color added depth to her look, complementing her skin tone and the vibrant color of her dress.
Leila Birch with long and shiny brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
To recreate Leila's long, sleek hairstyle, start by applying a shine serum to clean, towel-dried hair to ensure a glossy finish. Section the hair and blow-dry it straight using a brush, directing the airflow downward to smooth the hair cuticle and eliminate frizz.
For the bangs, wrap them around a brush and apply heat for about 30 seconds, then allow them to cool before unwrapping to achieve a polished, smooth finish. To complete the style, apply a final coat of shine serum to enhance the hair's glossiness and finish with a light mist of hairspray to ensure long-lasting hold and maintain the sleek, straight look throughout the day.
Leila Birch - Long hairstyle with bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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