Leila Birch Hair

Leila Birch hair
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The beautiful actress Leila Birch walked down the red carpet for the 'Life's a Drag' Screening Party at the Downtown Independent Theater on May 11, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
Leila was dressed to impress in a classic knee length and sleeveless royal blue dress and simple black pumps. She strategically selected to wear a deep red lipstick because it contrasts so well against her blue shift dress. With her lipstick falling on the darker side, she has kept her eye makeup lighter so that her make-up is not overwhelming.
Leila's hair color is a level 5wr. When light reflects off hair colors that have warm undertones in them, the hair glows rich in color and thus gives off a shiny and heathy appearance to the hair. This tip works well in situations where you're going to be photographed a lot (like on the red carpet) or in the sun.
Leila Birch with long and shiny brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
Now that you know the secret to Leila's beautiful hair color, try duplicating her long hairstyle by applying a shine serum to clean towel dried hair. Next, blow dry, section by section with a brush to help straighten the hair as it is being dried. Make sure to keep the air flow pointed downward to seal the hair cuticle.
After the hair is dried, begin working on the bangs. Wrap them around the brush and heat up for 30 seconds and then let it cool off before unwrapping the bangs. A final coat of shine and hair spray will make for a lasting style.
Leila Birch - Long hairstyle with bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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