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Paneled Straight Hair

Leighton Meester was seen at the January 23, 2011 Hollywood Premiere of the "Roommate." She wore a most unusual leather dress whose waist moved toward the center to give a splash of summer in the wintertime.
Her long hair had an off centered part and angled sides that fell below her shoulders in strips of paneled straightness. Her hair colors were a mixture of a dark warm brown that was the undertone that advanced to a gold tone and then her own natural dark brown.
Leighton's makeup had a blend of medium to light foundation, thick natural form darkened eyebrows, a light shadow, foundation, eyeliner and mascara. There was blush applied and a fleshly toned lip color.
Crown view of Leighton Meester's hair Long hair with angled sides - Leighton Meester Leighton Meester wearing a black dress
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