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Winding Curls

Lauren Nelson - Long hairstyle with winding curls
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Sweet spirited Lauren Nelson who was Miss Oklahoma won the hearts of the judges that faithful day and took the title of Miss America 2007. You can see the kindness in her eyes that I am sure was passed on to those who were judging.
Lauren wears her long hair very elegant with the grace of a princess, whether she chooses to wear it up or down. In our picture she is wearing it parted on one side, with a glossy smoothness involved with her bangs as the winding curls are intermingled with her sides. She goes with the flow.
The whole idea is to remember the top is flat with no pouf, the top curls run into the side curls as if one and the back goes under. This hairstyle speaks smoothness, gloss and health. Like I said, fit for a princess, or a Miss America.
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