Long Tight Waves

Lauren Turek - Long hairstyle with tight waves
Photo by PR Photos
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Celebrity Lauren Turek is wearing long tight waves that fall just below her shoulders (January 31st, 2007). There are special curling irons just for this purpose, or if you'd prefer to use rollers that is less harmful to the hair and has more staying power.
Everything always depends upon the texture of your hair to achieve this type of style. Lauren obviously has medium textured hair with tones of warm browns and thin slices of blonde. The chemicals in the color help make the hair more porous and able to do what you want just a little bit easier.
If you have thin fine hair though, do not expect your hair to be a carbon copy of this picture. Like I said, it is all in the texture. For the rollers, use medium to small sized. Or, use the wave iron to set in three waves at a time; it is sort of a deeper crimping tool.
Always begin on the bottom row and work your way up, row by row in small sections and remember not to comb your hair after you are done. What you see, is what you get, so have fun!
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