Lauren Nelson Hairstyles

Lauren Nelson is a beauty queen from Oklahoma, born in 1986. Lauren holds the Miss America 2007 title.
  • Lauren Nelson

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Lauren continues to make a career with her looks and when she is not wearing a tiara or even a glittery crown she keeps up the poise with a range of elegant hairstyles. We are sure even she must have bad hair days every now and then, but there is no evidence of it. Lauren wears her hair parted on the side and had a long fringe that she elegantly sweeps across her forehead, usually with a bit of lift on the roots.
The sides of her slightly longer than shoulder level hair are finely tapered and a few subtle layers in the lower areas provide a good swing and movement without adding too much volume. Lauren keeps her looks elegant and sophisticated and does not follow every trend for haircuts, especially not the extreme ones. A bit of Farah Fawcett's style and a lot of Vanna White's look describe Laurens approach to hair the best.
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