Hair Away from the Face

Lauren C. Mayhew wearing her hair away from her face
Photo by PR Photos
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Lauren C. Mayhew was seen at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Tempest" on December 06, 2010. She wore her brunette hair in layers and blown away from her face with a slight wave along one side.
With her hair off her face we can see that Lauren has between a square to an oval face. Bangs would flatter her face bringing even more perk to her great personality. Her coveted olive skin brings a warm glow to her face and her rounded eyebrows are the perfect shape and size for her eyes.
She is wearing a light blue eye shadow that is encircled around her eyes which is the latest eye makeup trend. She is also wearing her dark eyeliner around her eyes along with the lashes and mascara.
Brunette hair with layers - Lauren Mayhew
Photo by PR Photos
There is plenty of bronzing applied around her cheeks and her forehead. Her smile is encased with a light pinkish mauve. The southwestern design on her dress is the ideal colors for Lauren's skin tones.
Tip: When selecting your wardrobe, carefully consider the best colors that are beneficial with your skin tones and hair. Not everyone looks good in a busy pattern, checks or stripes and if you cannot wear black around your face and feel you must wear it, wrap a colorful or neutral scarf that does compliment your face and eyes around your neck. Those that cannot wear black can sometimes get away with wearing a dark navy blue instead.
Lauren Mayhew's dress and colors
Photo by PR Photos
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