Lauren C. Mayhew Hairstyles

Lauren C. Mayhew is an American singer and actress, born November 27th, 1985.
  • Lauren Mayhew with very long hair
  • Lauren C. Mayhew
  • hair away from the face

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Lauren has been in front of a camera since her childhood and was even active as a ring announcer for the World Wrestling Entertainment. While she is building her acting career she is changing in and out of a lot of different haircuts.
She has been seen with a range of sleek hairstyles, but also with extravagant curly manes. These curls were either very defined spirals, or also intense and neat waves. Her sleek styles include very long, straight hair with a bit of texture in the ends.
Lauren has a slender face with a dominant chin area and a high forehead. Haircuts that are ideal for her would have some tapering and movement along the face and perhaps a thin textured fringe. When it comes to the hair color choices the most natural looking hair colors for Lauren include the blondes and light brown tones. Brassy or reddish colors are not very flattering.
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