Kelly Lynch Hairstyles

  • Kelly Lynch with long hair
  • Kelly Lynch with mid-length hair
  • Kelly Lynch with a bob haircut

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The American born (January 31st, 1959) actress Kelly Lynch has been a star for years and she has aged exceptionally well. She actually started out as a model before switching to acting. Her modeling days certainly show in her film career and life since she has impeccable fashion sense and doesn't mind taking fashion risks.
The actress is fifty plus years these days and she is as confident and stunning as ever. She is inspiring in many ways for middle aged women everywhere and we especially love her ability to rock any hairstyle she tries. Long or short, straight or wavy, Lynch loves to try new things and style her hair in a variety of ways.
We admire that she stays true to her beautiful blonde color. The light strands have been mixed with some darker lowlights here and there but she is a true blonde through and through.
The lighter color suits her and goes well with Kelly's light, cool colored eyes and fairer skin complexion. The color keeps it very Kelly Lynch and she instead plays around with different cuts and styles.
Even though the actress is over fifty, she is not afraid to try longer hairstyles. She empowers women to break the rules when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. We love Kelly Lynch and the versatility she brings us with her hair.
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