Kellie Pickler Hairstyles

Kellie Pickler is an American country music artist and TV personality, born on June 28th, 1986 in North Carolina. She became famous as a contestant on American Idol.
  • Kellie Pickler with her hair short
  • Kellie Pickler with side swept short hair
  • Kellie Pickler
  • Kellie Pickler hairstyle
  • Kellie Pickler with a short pixie

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Kellie lives and breathes glamour and can even turn a pair of jeans into a luxurious looking garment. She enjoys feminine looks, extravagant and head turning outfits and has the hair to go along with it. It's usually cut at or a bit below the chin and since Kellie has a thing for edgy haircuts, she often wears her hair in an asymmetrical fashion.
Recently she channels classic Hollywood divas with her platinum, wavy style. But even this coif comes with a new twist of a more wispy structure and a longer section on one side.
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