Katie Leclerc Hairstyles

  • Katie Leclerc
  • Katie Leclerc with long wavy hair
  • Katie Leclerc with her hair flipped outward

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The always lively and enthusiastic actress Katie Lecerc has been adding acting gigs to her resume since her 2005 role in Veronica Mars, however she is best known for her role as Daphne in the hit television series Switched At Birth.
Katie, born in San Antonio, Texas but raised in Lakewood, Colorado was diagnosed at age twenty, with Ménière's disease, a degenerative ear disorder that causing hearing loss. She has not let that stop her from pursuing her aspirations in the performing arts, in fact she claims that it has actually helped her for her most respected role as Daphne.
For the most part, over the years, Katie has maintained her lavish long length but she has been known from time to time to change up her hue, ever so slightly. Katie has continually stuck to the age old rule by not coloring her hair more than 3 shades lighter or darker than her natural hair color, which has been a contributing factor in keeping her long hair in terrific condition.
Katie is a great classic illustration for women who do not wish to drastically change their hair color or chop off a great deal of length to create a different appearance, because she knows that new looks can be generated by using color rinses (semi-permanent) that are within a few shades of the existing color. Katie knows this is the best way to change hues as the damage is minimal allowing her to change it up more often that most!
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