Katherine Heigl Hairstyles

Katherine Heigl is an American actress born on November 24, 1978.
  • Katherine Heigl with large waves in her hair
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Katherine Heigl with short hair
  • Katherine Heigl with brown hair
  • Katherine Heigl - medium long hair

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Besides an unrivaled smile, Katherine has a head full of silky hair. She prefers feminine haircuts of varying lengths but often with a lot of golden curls. Styled in a more casual fashion with a center part and loosely framing her face, she is already quite stunning, but she turns into a bombshell with more defined and styled locks.
With shorter hair, she can look rather mature, but wispy ends and less definition gently balance this effect. Her ideal colors range from a rich buttery blonde to a light vanilla hue.
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