Kimberly Wyatt's Hair & Pregnancy

Kimberly Wyatt's long hair during pregnancy
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On October 4th an absolutely glowing and proud first time mother to be, Kimberly Wyatt, stepped out dressed from turtleneck to toe in a powerful monochromatic look for the 2014 Big Gig in London. Kimberly's raven colored turtleneck and coat certainly provided a terrific canvas to present her exquisitely polished platinum blonde hair for the world to see.
This is a lengthier look for Kimberly and very well could be contributed to an increase in hormones during pregnancy. Ordinarily the hair grows in three phases: active growth, resting, and shedding. On average, people typically shed 100 hairs every day.
When you're pregnant, the extra hormones (particularly estrogen) coursing through your body shift your hair cycle and prolong the active growth phase so the hair flourishes and remains on your head without shedding.
Kimberly Wyatt - Hairstyle to accentuate the cheekbones
Photo by PR Photos
Kimberly's hairstyle can be achieved by first applying a light thermal protectant, focusing primarily on the ends of the hair. Next, the hair is blow dried straight with an ionic blow dryer and a large paddle brush. After the hair is dry, the cooling button on the blow dryer is then utilized to seal the hair cuticle. The cooling button aids in warding off frizz and adds a touch of extra shine to the hair.
Kimberly's hair is then carefully curled away from her face, starting at the cheekbones and continued down to the ends. Consequently, bending the hair right at the cheeks clearly accents Kimberly's beautiful cheekbones. A light hairspray is applied and concentrated on the curls to finish off Kimberly's beautiful hairstyle.
Pregnant Kimberly Wyatt wearing a black turtleneck
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