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Kim Kardashian & Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace - 06/03/2009

Maggie Grace has one of the healthiest blonde heads of hair that side of Texas. There is more concentration of blonde upon the outer shaft of her hair and less underneath where we can see her hair appears to be a light warm brown and when you look closer we can also see the matching dark streaks throughout her hair. She is wearing a conventional high side part with the bulk from the top going over to dip along the side and coil with the other hair. The other side is combed behind the ear.
There may be a new trend coming down the pike in Hollyland with eyebrows. As many celebrities are penciling their brows quite long now, as we can see in the picture of Maggie. I personally find it very attractive and notice the look gives a hint of the era of the sixties. She is also wearing warm toned shadow, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, blush and a medium neutral lip tint.
The colors of her dress are perfect to offset her blonde hair with the navy blue, white and pink that brings a very wholesome and homespun look to Maggie.
Kim Kardashian - 06/04/2009
Kim Kardashian's long dark hair
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It has been said that Ken Paves wants to cut Kim's hair short and tint it lighter. What do you say? I say an absolute no! First of all, look at Kim's dark eyes; her rich dark hair is what brings them out to maximize the power of their beauty. No matter what color we would put on Kim, it wouldn't look as good as what she has right now. As for cutting it, Kim would look good with any good haircut, because she is a natural beauty. She would look refreshing with a smooth long undercut bob that barely touched her shoulders. The long hair is beautiful on her, but a specialized hairstyle would really put some punch and uniqueness in her appearance. Tip: Just because everyone is wearing a rainbow of streaks in their hair these days, doesn't mean you have to get them too. Not everyone looks that good with them, in fact; for many it is aging. If you have graying hair, don't get your hair streaked or foiled to sit next to your gray hair, it will look like your gray hair is yellowing. If you are set upon covering up your gray, have your colorist put a golden light brown or a dark golden blonde (depending upon your natural color) all over and when it fades, you'll have the golden streaks you desire and all you'll need is a touch up once a month.
Kim wears heavy eye makeup beginning with thick brows, brown/light shadows, eyeliners, lashes, mascara, blush/bronzing and a shimmering neutral lip color. Her white blazer makes a stunning influence next to her abundant black hair.