Julia Stiles Hairstyles

Julia Stiles is an American actress born on March 28th, 1981 in New York City.
  • Julia Stiles with a bob haircut
  • Julia Stules hair styled up
  • Julia Stiles with her hair in a trendy up style
  • girl next door look
  • Julia Stiles sporting a neck length hairstyle

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The classy Julia has refined features and a round face framed by fine hair that she has worn in a lot of variations. Her preferred color is a wheat blonde tone, but she also sported darker shades and bold streaks.
The best haircuts for her are either below or above the chin line. For example a chin length bob would enhance the roundness of her face and she looks better if she counterbalances this with more height or in the length. Festive updos give her a regal appearance and soft features as long as there are some free tendrils loosening up the look.
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