Julia Stiles' Hair

Julia Stiles hairstyle
Photos by PR Photos
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Julia Stiles was once upon a time a vegetarian, and gave it up for the love of a cheeseburger. Yah Julia! She is considered to be an environmentalist and feminist and we can applaud her, as she works toward those goals when she sees a need.
Her hair looks like it is in today's trendy style with long layers and has been brushed back about 10cm from the crown of her head, or just up from her neckline. The hair has been sectioned into two parts and each wrapped in individual bands with the hair being tucked and pinned underneath itself.
We can also see two heavy ends purposely sticking out for style and two others that are of a thinner vein arranged in the background. From her part, we can see two smoothed heavy strands that are hanging around the frame of her face.
Julia Stiles wearing her hair pinned to the back
Photo by PR Photos
Her hair color has been foiled with blondes, browns and cinnamon. Hairstyling can be almost like arranging a bouquet of flowers. What fun.