Princess Look for Julia Stiles

Julia Styles wearing an up-style with curl
Photo by PR Photos
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Fitting the occasion of her movie premiere, celebrating "The Prince and Me", Julia Stiles brought regal looks to the red carpet on March 28th, 2004. Her noble paleness was supported by the pastel glitter of her dress and the hair was like a picture book princess look. At least it was in the front.
The back, however, was a masterful example of overdoing a good idea. Instead of charmingly disheveled curls, which were pinned together to a youthful, yet classy updo, Julia's stylist went overboard and the result was a chaotic storm of lighter and darker curls with no direction. Good intentions gone bad.
Back view of Julia Stiles up-style with curls
Photo by PR Photos
Julia Stiles - Updo with pinned hair
Photo by PR Photos
Julia Stiles - Hairdo with pinned back hair
Photo by PR Photos
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