Bob with an Elevated Crown

Julia Stiles with a bob hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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The charismatic actress Julia Stiles showed her fashion sense at the world premiere of her movie "Mona Lisa Smile" in New York City on December 10, 2003. With a very stylish bob and a semi-transparent floral designer dress, Julia was a true eye-catcher.
Her hair was cut in a slanting line from the nape to the chin and styled into a very round silhouette. The uniformity of the look was enhanced by the elaborate coloring. Over a warm hazelnut-coffee base, bold streaks in striking platinum blonde were applied.
The crown was slightly elevated in the back, which emphasized the dynamic angled cutting line even more.
Julia Stiles - Hair cut in a bob with a slanting line
Photo by PR Photos
Julia Stiles - Bob hairstyle with an elevated crown
Photo by PR Photos
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