Judy Greer Hairstyles

Judy Greer is an American actress, born July 20th, 1975. She is known for her role as Kitty Sanchez on the series Arrested Development.
  • Judy Greer with long straight hair
  • Judy Greer

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Judy has fine features and a porcelain skin. Longer hair and light colors are the right choices for her. She has been photographed and filmed with about any long hairstyle out there and some that were better than others. Thick overall curls had a fun, free spirited and sexy vibe, sleek lines with curved sides and bouncy volume blow dried in showed a more elegant side.
For glam appearances she looks great in the timeless upstyle with all hair pulled out of the face and a little lift on the crown. She also had some great moments with feathered Farah style hairdos. To be avoided for Judy are hairstyles that are just sleek with no volume at all on the sides, since it makes her face, which is already very slender, even thinner. Blonde and red are both great colors for her that match her skin tone perfectly.
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