Judy Greer's Long Smooth Hair

Judy Greer with long and smooth reddish blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Judy Greer was at the 18th Annual Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Halloween Carnival. Judy's lush reddish blonde long hair makes you want to pour it in a glass and drink it with supper.
Her hairstyle is angled along her sides and while her bangs pack the wallop whether they are pieced, sectioned or combed over to one side. Plenty of flat ironing has gone into this hairstyle to receive the glossy smooth nature of her coif.
Judy has next to nothing regarding her makeup. There is eyeliner, mascara, small amount of a dark illusion under her cheekbones and a transparent light color lip tone. Once again, Judy would look better in the contrast of a green color because the dress she is wearing is too close to her skin coloring. The black trim rescues her into an acceptable mode.
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