Judith Light Hairstyles

  • Judith Light with medium length hair
  • Judith Light with her hair in a shoulder-length bob
  • Judith Light with long curled hair

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Judith Light is one of the classiest women in Hollywood. She was born on February 9th, 1949, as the daughter of a model and an accountant. After finishing high-school, she earned her degree in drama. She has graced theatres, television shows and the silver screen with her grace, talent and charm.
Her trade-mark tresses have stayed remarkably the same throughout the span of her impressive career. Judith's wispy blonde hair has been the inspiration of many women through-out the years, as she emanates a kind of class that never goes out of style.
Although she has experimented with different lengths and subtle color-changes, she never strays far from her soft layers and gentle curls, styled around her face to frame her beauty.
Judith's light complexion and relatively thick hair complement the style, color and cut perfectly. She has naturally wavy hair which ensures that her curls hold easy and for a long period of time, which makes it relatively easy for her stylist to create that almost laid-back, wispy halo of beautifully curled blonde tresses.
Her hair-style has suited her throughout the years, and will do so for many more to come. If you're in search of a perennial hairstyle-muse, you can't go wrong with Judith.
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