Jessie J Hairstyles

  • Jessie J with collarbone length hair
  • Jessie J with long hair
  • Jessie J with her head shaved

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"I'm feeling sexy and free!" - the first line of lyrics from Jessie J's mega hit "Domino". The words couldn't reveal more about what the singer is all about. Jessie J is a pop sensation and known internationally for her amazing songwriting and singing skills.
The gorgeous UK native was born March 27th, 1988 in London and was destined for stardom. She is surely well known for her amazing beats and catchy tunes but she is also known for her awesome style.
Some may say outrageous, others fashion forward, Jessie J definitely keeps things interesting with her numerous outfits and hairstyles. She likes to mix things up and keep it fresh. Jessie is mostly seen with very dark colored hair that borders on black. The deep rich color contrasts her beautiful pale colored skin.
It's almost as if she uses her hair to frame her face and make it pop. Sleek and silky strands are her staple and usually worn as straight as possible. Thick blunt bangs often accompany the "Domino" singing star. She loves to rock medium to longer hair lengths that move as she works the stage.
Jessie J is superbly stunning and shows what true beauty looks like by shaving her hair off for charity in March, 2013. We love Jessie J's bold color and crisp cut hairstyles that emote an edgy image. Take a page out of her book and pull out the inner rocker chick in you!
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