Bob Covering the Neck

Jill Flint with her hair in a bob that covers her neck
Photo by PR Photos
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Jill Flint arrived with bells on at the New York City Premiere of "Rabbit Hole" on December 02, 2010. She wore her coal black hair shaped in a long bob that covered her neck and with one side tucked behind her ear.
Her crooked part was not unnoticed by the eager fans and bystanders who were watching her picture being taken. Crooked parts have been with us for quite awhile now and it looks like they will be with us for a few more years.
Jill wears her eyebrows thin, something like the stars of the 30s and 40s. I assure you if she were to wear her straight hair in waves, she would be a sure match for that era. She is wearing eyeliner, mascara and fire engine lipstick. Her gray dress is arrayed with a smoky necklace.
At first glance of Jill we see black, white and red and eventually the grey. The finale of her over all package is her stringed black necklace that positions everything together.
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