Jill Flint Hairstyles

Jill Flint is an American actress. She is known for her role as Jill Casey on Royal Pains.
  • Jill Flint
  • Jill Flint with a long bob

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Jill also starred along with Meg Ryan in the movie "The Women" and with Beyonce in "Cadillac Records". She could easily be cast in a potential movie as Snow White since she already has the looks with her light skin, raven hair, blue eyes and red lips. The smoothness and clarity of her face applies also to her hair which is thick and has a forbidden shine.
Her hair color moves between dark brown and black, both good, but the latter has more impact in the style department, especially when her hair is cut in simple, straight and even hairstyles without much fuss.
In her longer hair days she had some wavy movement, a curved side fringe and some texture along the bottom. Much more beautiful however are medium long to short bobs with minimalist straight lines.
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