Jennifer Taylor's Haircut

Jennifer Taylor's versatile long layered haircut
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Jennifer Taylor laughed right along with the best of them at the "Planet 51" Premiere on November 14, 2009, in Los Angeles, CA.
Jennifer wore her hair with a messy center part, and the large round sections framed her face. The rest of her hair fell around her neckline in windswept pieces.
Her hair is thick, and her long layered haircut makes it appear even heavier. She has a face shape between oblong and diamond with lovely high cheekbones. Her hair color is close to chestnut brown with streaks of a lighter, warmer brown.
Jennifer Taylor's long chestnut brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
This hairstyle can be worn up in a ponytail, gathered back in a chignon along the nape, styled partially up, with curls, cascades, coils, or straight as seen in the picture. The long layered cut is versatile but needs regular shaping every 6 weeks.
The fashionable trend of wearing light makeup continues with Jennifer. Her foundation is light, complemented by warm light brown eyeshadow, eyeliner, penciled brows, mascara, and lashes. She is wearing barely-there blush, if any at all, and a neutral lip tint.
Jennifer Taylor's stylish casual look with jeans and sweater
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Jennifer Taylor's young hairstyle for long hair
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