Jennifer Taylor Hairstyles

Jennifer Taylor is an American actress, born on April 19th, 1972. She is known for playing the role of Chelsea on the series "Two and a Half Men".
  • Jennifer Taylor

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Tall, dark and sassy Jennifer is easygoing, has a sporty streak and needs a haircut that makes her look good whether she is taking her kids out or is working in her garden. Her natural lifestyle reflects also in her fashion sense which is elegant yet comfortable and never crossing the line to the eccentric.
Her hairstyle is a long layered cut, with the most layering in the area below her chin. This way a lot of volume is kept around her face and with her usual styling she also brings some extra lift to the hair on her crown. The fringe is long and styled out of the face. This style looks so good on her because she has a slender face and can handle the extra roundness induced by the fullness just around it. For glam events she can easily pin her hair up and perhaps add a bit of a curl in the tips.
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