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Medium Length Haircut with Highlights

We absolutely love Jennifer Grey's adorable medium length haircut and fabulous color (August 22nd, 2012)! Her entire hair is cut with a razor to create that fun, edgy texture. The length barely grazes the shoulders and has a few medium and a few long layers carved in to the haircut for movement and style. She parts her hair to the side for an asymmetrical effect that frames her face beautifully.
The deep brown colored base is broken up with gorgeous ribbons of golden highlights. The highlights are woven very finely to create a shattered effect that is extremely natural looking. Having a finer highlight will also help it grow out easier and softer.
It looks like sunshine is dancing in her hair and the way it play off her skin makes her look likes she's glowing. This is great to try if you have thick hair and want it feel flirty and light.
Jennifer Grey with medium length razor cut hair Jennifer Grey - Brown hair with natural looking highlights Jennifer Grey's hair color with highlights Jennifer Grey - Medium hairstyle for thick hair Side and back view of Jennifer Grey's hairstyle
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