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Jennifer Aniston's Hair

Jennifer Aniston normally has a darker hair color and uses various colors of blonde, gold, caramels and maybe even a little bit of cinnamon colors to brighten it up. Most of the time she wears her hair in a straight form and this is probably because she has naturally straight hair and it is easier for her to accomplish this instead of running to the hairdresser every second.
Her hair is simply cut in long layers with angles along the sides and long enough to wear it up in her famous ponytail or on top of her head. She has given the impression over the years of striving to be natural, as with the amount of her make up that appears to be translucent and clean. The heaviest area is her eyeliner, a bit of bronzing, light muted shadow, mascara and a light neutral lip tint all spells our girl.
Side view of Jennifer Aniston's hair Jennifer Aniston hair with angled sides Jennifer Aniston wearing her hair long and tapered Jennifer Aniston wearing a shiny satin blouse Blouse and hair for a Jennifer Aniston look
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