Jennifer Aniston's Long Straight Hair

Jennifer Aniston's long smooth hairstyle
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Faithful in keeping her hair in a long straight look with angles along her sides, Jennifer Aniston's hair color is a myriad of blondes, browns and caramel tones.
She wears a high off centered part and I have no doubt that there was probably a lot of product like smoothing gel involved to keep the slick smoothness that she is accustomed to wearing.
Jennifer has beautiful hair, but I'd like to see it up more, (especially with the platinum silver dress she is wearing) or designed into a different hairstyle, maybe to her shoulders in heavy layers or perhaps in one of the trendy bobs with conservative silver earrings.
Jennifer Aniston's long straight hair with angles along the sides
Photos by PR Photos
Her skin seems to have a pinkish tan and goes very well with the light make-up. She keeps her brows neatly tweezed and has a light eye shadow that can barely be seen. There is eyeliner and mascara, bronzing and a pretty shimmery bronze lip color.
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