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Jenna Coleman's bob hairstyle
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The exquisite Jenna Coleman and boyfriend Richard Madden attended the 2015 UK premiere of "Cinderella" in London on March 19th. The charming power couple certainly made a statement as they showed their adoration for one another on the blue carpet, leaning into one another as Richard kissed Jenna on the forehead.
Jenna claims that Richard is the best accessory to walk down the step and repeat with. Her unique and edgy above-the-knee, a-line, feather-trimmed little black dress in noir was accented with a nude interlace, which juxtaposed well with her porcelain skin.
Not only can you purchase Jenna's dress by Simone Rocha, but you can also duplicate her bob hairstyle as well! First and foremost, begin working with clean hair. Apply a heat protectant spray to clean, damp hair. Then, directionally blow dry in a downward motion until 100% dry.
Jenna Coleman wearing a bob with swooping bangs
Photo by PR Photos
Heat up the curling wand on the lowest setting first and adjust as needed. Part your bob off-center for side-sweeping bangs. Begin by taking 3-inch vertical sections from ear to ear and wrap hair around the wand for no longer than 10 seconds. Remember to let the curls cool off before touching.
The bangs will be a 4-inch section wrapped and manipulated to feather backward and away from the face. Place the bangs how you want and then use an extreme hold hairspray to keep them in place. If you're having a hard time, use a bobby pin the same color as your hair. Remember, when working with curly styles, hairspray generously.
Jenna Coleman hair
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Jenna Coleman with Richard Madden
Photo by PR Photos
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