Jenna Coleman's Shoulder Length Hair

Jenna Coleman - Shoulder length hairstyle
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Jenna Coleman has been making headlines for her beauty and style. She attends the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards in London wearing a sleeveless, knee length silver sheath dress. The stunning beauty is on the frontier for bringing the full eyebrow-look back. They are full but nicely groomed and shaped.
Subtle and sophisticated, Jenna's hair color is a trendy ombre sun-kissed look. She has darker roots that gradually become lighter as they make their way down the hair shaft. Her haircut is really a perfect medium length cut because it's so versatile.
The layers at the bottom stack on top of one another to add height while the outward flip on the ends, add a flirty element. Her freshly cut blunt ends are noticeably healthy and she clearly maintains regular haircuts.
Jenna Coleman wearing a silver sheath dress
Photo by PR Photos
To give yourself Jenna's awesome style, clean hair is always best but if that isn't a possibility, one can use a dry shampoo to help boost volume at the roots. If you choose to do the latter, make sure to mist the hair with water before applying a smoothing serum to avoid a super slippery look. Next, blow dry straight down until you reach the 80/20 rule (until it's 80% dry & 20% damp). Now you will blow dry with the round brush.
Part the hair from top to bottom and begin wrapping the bottom sections around the round brush in a flipped out direction to give the ends that flirty flippy-look. Heat up until it's dry (count how long the heat is on there) and you will need to let the hair cool off around the brush for the same length of time.
Work this way, section by section up the scalp and hairspray along the way. Once complete spritz some shine spray for a healthy look and voilĂ !
Jenna Coleman wearing her hair with an outward flip
Photo by PR Photos
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