Holliday Grainger's Hair

Holliday Grainger wearing her hair short in a curly bob
Photo by PR Photos
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British actress, Holliday Grainger plays step-sister Anastasia in the 2015 hit film Cinderella. So, of course she would attend the premiere looking as fabulous as ever. Holliday graced the step and repeat in an angelic white down and deep red lipstick, seen here. Some have compared her look to Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman with fair statuesque complexion and lovely ginger colored hair.
When one has such lovely fair skin, it is wise to keep the eye makeup light and neutral (or risk looking like a vampire) especially with a dark lipstick. Notice that Holliday follows this rule of thumb by doing one or the other, not both.
Her caramel kissed hair color is not her natural color as we can see visible darker roots but it works so well with her complexion. Her curly bob hairstyle is done right. It is indeed, a fine example of how to use a curling wand on a bob (not impossible but not as easy as a curling iron).
Holliday Grainger - Ginger hair with visible darker roots
Photo by PR Photos
If you have a bob and would like to pull off Holliday's exquisite hair style, invest in a curling wand that comes with a glove. Some sort of protection on the finger tips is a must.
To begin, apply a heat protectant to dry hair and smooth it down to the ends. Part the hair off center and comb over. Next, take 2 inch, vertical sections and wrap the hair around for ten seconds. Let it cool off and hairspray to finish.
Holliday Grainger wearing an angelic white down
Photo by PR Photos
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