Bob Cut and Different Hair Types

Bob cut with shorter hair at the back
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Q: What are the best hair types for a bob? Can you have a bob with any type of hair or should your hair have a certain thickness, density or texture?
A: There are so many variables when trying to answer this kind of questions. A bob is a very versatile hairstyle which can be adapted to most hair types. Some hair types might be easier to style in a certain way though, depending on your finesse and experience with styling your own hair.
Very straight, medium to thick hair will work really well with a bob, as the hair is heavy and straight enough so that it just falls into place when you’ve washed it and blow or air dried it. Then again, if you want to wear your hair in a curly bob, this kind of hair tends to fall flat easily (because of the weight and structure), so it depends on how you want to wear your hair on a daily basis.
Straight, fine hair with a low density also works very well with a bob. Because the hair is straight and fine, you basically just have to wash and blow dry it while just combing your fingers through your hair as it dries. Because this is a medium-length hairstyle, the hair isn’t weighed down by too much structural weight, thus the hair tends to look thicker and fuller than it would if it was a long style. Curls also hold well in this kind of hair, because of its decreased structural weight which doesn’t weight the curl down. The bob is one of your best options if you have fine, straight hair.
Back view of an angled bob
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Wavy hair of medium to fine density and medium to fine thickness will also work well with a bob, as long as you’re prepared to blow dry your hair or use a straightener to iron out excessive kinks or bad hair days. The wavy or lightly curled bob is actually very much in fashion right now. Have a look at Facebook, Instagram and your celebrity magazines, and you’ll immediately see what I’m talking about.
Very thick, curly and dense hair can be very tricky to manage if you cut it into a bob. Depending on the severity of the afore-mentioned variables, your bob could look like a big afro style if you just wash and dry it. Then again, if you’re going for a unique and fresh look, this could be exactly what you want. The conventional sleek and straight or glossy and wavy bob would take a lot of work on intensely curly, thick and dense hair though, so keep this in mind if you have this kind of hair.
The bob is one of the most versatile and most adaptable hairstyles, so as long as you’re prepared to get to know the style and learn the tricks to make it work best for your kind of hair, you’re on the right track.
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