Natural Curly Hair

Halle Berry - Black hair with natural curl
Photo by PR Photos
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Natural but with a lot of glamour was the look that made Halle Berry a center of attention at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006.
Her dress was nude beige with innumerable sparkly stones and her hair followed the motto by being a perfect combination of simplicity, naturalness and finesse. She has a beautiful natural curl that was only slightly tamed by gathering her hair at the base of her head.
While the scalp is covered snugly and almost strict, all of her hair comes to a beautiful curly explosion behind her head and cascades to almost the middle of her back. This sexy look is easy to achieve and exudes romance, elegance and sophistication with a hint of the exotic.
Halle's hair color is a deep espresso brown that is in perfect harmony with her complexion and the color of her eyes.
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