Hannah Storm's Shag Hairstyle

Hannah Storm - Loosely styled shag haircut
Photo by PR Photos
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Hannah Storm is wearing her hair in a loosely styled shag that is divided with a small part and is combed over to one side, covering part of her eyebrow and forehead in an eighties-type feather hairstyle.
The other side comes down into a light wave, going back and then circling around toward the face in the wispy angles that layers produce. Her hair length covers her neckline and can flip up or be curled under or placed into an updo.
Her hair color is normally a medium to dark brown and has been lifted up a few levels, given caramel and blonde highlights. Her large gold bangle earrings display the attractive red lines that are in her hair.
Hannah Storm wearing a neckline length haircut
Photo by PR Photos
Hannah Storm
Photo by PR Photos
Keeping it simple, sister, and that is what Hannah does with her makeup. Her eyebrows are kept thick yet tweezed. A small smoky hue is on the lower eyelid, with eyeliner, lashes, and mascara. There are pink tones in her foundation and just a touch of blush with a transparent glossy lip color.
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