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Hair with a Red Tint

This pretty songbird also acts! Haley Bennett wears her hair in long layers with a few lazy dips and side bangs across half of her forehead. Rich in redness finds this hair color totally captivating on this starlet, and what more would a celebrity want?
Haley Bennett - Side and back view of her hairstyle with long layers
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Should you decide to tint your hair red, it is important to find out if your coloring would suit the tones you are looking at. Many can look very regal in the different shades of red with the added accessory of a lot of make up.
If you are just not the "make up kind" think of something that would be more natural for you; such as one level shade up from what you have presently.
If you have strands of gray in between your light brown, think of getting a sun blonde brown color that won't put a large difference into your hair, yet, cover the gray that is disturbing you and look like natural high lights too. This would be low maintenance, easy and fun too.
Haley Bennett wearing a dress in a color that suits her red hair tint Brown hair with a red tint - Haley Bennett Long layered hairstyle with side bangs - Haley Bennett
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