Haley Bennett Hairstyles

Haley Bennett is an American singer and actress, born on January 7th, 1988.
  • Haley Bennett
  • Haley Bennett with her hair in an up-style

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Pick your favorite color! The "Marley and Me" has been switching hair colors to her heart's content and is by far not done making her way through the palette of blondes, browns and reds. Like a human chameleon she adapts her outward colors not only to her roles, but also reinvents herself and her looks whenever the urge hits her.
She has also played with the length of her haircuts and went from over the shoulder length, wavy, layered and textured hair to a medium long bob and even a chin length bob with adorable flipped up sides. She looks great with classic hairstyles, but also with modern, edgy cuts that have choppy elements and different lengths with a touch of asymmetry.
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