Gabrielle Anwar Hairstyles

British actress Gabrielle Anwar was born on February 4th, 1970. She is known for playing the roles of Fiona Glennane on Burn Notice and Margaret Tudor on The Tudors.
  • Gabrielle Anwar
  • wet look for long hair
  • mid-back long ponytails

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Gabriele's hair often looks as if she just came back from the beach. It is long and allowed to roam free in its slightly wavy flow. The petite beauty has stayed true to her simplistic, but enchanting mane that expresses freedom of mind and an easy going disposition. She parts it in the center and wears it either straight or with its natural wave.
Ponytails, buns and other updos are very flattering and casual elegant alternatives to wearing her hair open. A bit of fine layering adds more texture and volume to her long tresses which often look a bit thin.
Gabriele has done some great things with hair color by adding stunning highlights in interesting golden tones or by using darker and lighter shades of brown and red tints to bring beautiful dimension into her hair.
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