Mid-Back Long Ponytail

Gabrielle Anwar with her hair back and off her face
Photo by PR Photos
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The Tudor's actress Gabrielle Anwar certainly turned heads at this event with her high-fashion style (February 15th, 2012). A center part, slicked back hair, and an extra long ponytail made a fabulous statement. Her tight tousled curls made for a very interesting texture.
Pulling her hair back and off her face really keeps the look polished and fresh. Her extremely long hair could be overwhelming if left down. With a nice low ponytail, hair is kept back and her face can really be the star.
The posh ponytail is complemented by her amazing color. Anwar's midnight shade of brown is striking and it falls beautifully and gradually into sun-kissed colored ends. I personally love this look because it shows how simplicity can bring out natural beauty.
A simple black scrunch turtleneck, your hair in a mid-back length ponytail and you are ready to go. (The blonde celebrity on the photos is Catherine Oxenberg.)
Gabrielle Anwar wearing a black scrunch turtleneck
Photo by PR Photos
Gabrielle Anwar with her hair in a long mid-back length ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
Gabrielle Anwar and Catherine Oxenberg with simple long hairstyles to bring out natural beauty
Photo by PR Photos
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