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Gabrielle Anwar & Penelope Ann Miller

AFI Life Achievement Award - 06/07/2007

Gabrielle Anwar's hair color with natural looking foils        British actress Gabrielle Anwar is well remembered for her role in The Three Musketeers. Her latest work is when she plays Princess Margret on The Tudors.
       Gabrielle's look should be coveted by every woman that sees her picture. She is wearing her hair pulled back simply into what could be a roll or clasped with a hair comb and parted in the center, allowing her hair to fall with wisps on the sides. Gabrielle has a natural beauty and she has chosen not to travel the look of being artificial and because of her authenticity, she was once named one of the most beautiful women in the world by People Magazine. Wouldn't it be nice to have that kind of notoriety on our belt? You too can strive to look as natural as possible. There are ways you can wear a lot of make up, but not look it. Your job is to learn how. Gabrielle has very little coloring done to her hair and what she does have done, is subtle. When you talk to your hair colorist, tell them, you want a subtly applied to your hair. If you are thinking foils, have the slices very thinly placed and only one or two shades lighter and darker than your natural color for your unfettered and innocent look, like this of Gabrielle's.
Penelope Ann Miller's hair styled with a hair comb Neat hairstyle with curls - Penelope Ann Miller
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       Penelope Ann Miller happened to be the goddaughter of Aristotle Onassis and some may remember her playing Paula in the Awakenings. Penelope's hair is fashioned in short layers with a permanent for a little bit of security. She has an attractive off centered part with one half of her hair gathered back with an attractive hair comb and in a crunch of curls, while the top goes along with her off centered part and has a pouf together on the side. Very chic, very polished and neat. This style is very simple to maintain, whether your style is a daily routine or you are going out for the evening. Her color is a pale beige color and will need regular touch-ups monthly to look the best. If this appeals to you, I challenge you to give it a whirl.