Messy Bun How To

How to create a messy bun
Q: How do you put your hair up in a messy bun? Can you show me some steps?
A: The “messy bun” is a term that is deceptive in its simplicity. It’s deceptive because in hairdressing terms, “messy” is actually pretty vague. Is it messy because it’s got loose tendrils, but the hair is otherwise firmly gathered? Or is it messy because the whole hairstyle itself is loosely configured?
Nevertheless, creating a “bun” style is something every woman or girl with long hair eventually wants to master, so here are some tips that will help you create a look you can be happy with:
First, start with hair that is clean, but not freshly washed. Just washed hair is often difficult to get into a stable up-style. If you are going to be working with just washed hair, (such as when getting ready for a special occasion) add styling gel to your damp hair before you blow dry it. This should give it enough structure to help hold the style. Once dry, comb or brush the hair to make certain there are no knots or tangles.
Next, part the hair down the middle from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Comb the separate halves carefully and prepare to add volume at the scalp level. To do this you will backcomb the hair along the inside parting. When doing this with a brush, it’s called ruffing and adds more volume faster than with a comb. The process involves running the comb or brush toward the scalp along the hair to scrunch strands inward and create a cushion for the rest of the hair.
Woman wearing her hair in a loose bun and pulling her turtleneck
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This is especially helpful if you have fine hair, as it makes the hair appear fuller, where fine hair can often appear flat. Once the hair is as “fluffy” as you want it to be, bring the two halves together and carefully smooth the join.
Grasp the hair toward the middle of the length and begin gently twisting it. If you want the hair confined securely from the scalp, start twisting closer in toward the head. If you like a looser up-style, grasp the hair with one hand while twisting with the other to keep the portion of the hair closes to the scalp from being pulled taut. Twist the hair until it begins to roll over onto itself. Lay the rolled hair against the scalp at the crown and continue twisting the hair, tucking the ends underneath.
This forms the “bun” you are seeking. Use large bob pins at the crown area and pin the underside of the rolls to the hair at the scalp, making sure to criss-cross the pins in order to create a stable anchor for the hair. Follow this up with a few hairpins to secure the perimeter of the bun to the scalp hair. Use as many as you feel you need. It may take a little practice, but soon you’ll be able to create the look with fewer and fewer pins.
We’ve attached a graphic to help you see the steps as discussed.
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