1920s Retro Hair Look

Frederique Bel with her hair styled for a retro look
Photo by PR Photos
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Uniqueness takes on many forms and Frederique Bel wasn't afraid to show up at the Cesar Film Awards 2010 knowing that she was going to look outstanding. That is a real making of a celebrity when someone who dares to be incomparable.
Her long lush blonde hair was multi-toned and crimped, then rolled into large round curls over to one side, but also leaving a small section in the back. The top laps over to join with the bulk of the hair.
There is a black hairband wrapped around her head with a twiggy type flower attached along the side that presents quite a splash of enthusiasm.
Frederique Bel - 1920s retro look
Photo by PR Photos
Her makeup is gloriously well blended with darkened eyebrows, concealor, and white shadow over the concealor that moves into a dark smoke and out into the edges of her eyes. There is thick eyeliner on the top, smudged liner on the bottom, mascara and a pink lip tone.
Frederique gives us a touch of the 1920s flapper days with her hairband. When you look closely you will see that her eyes are a little bit close together and that is why she uses the lighter shadow in the corners.
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