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Frederique Bel - Vintage long hair combed back
Photo by PR Photos
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Frederique Bel was seen at the 35th Annual Deauville American Film Festival in 2009 with her long hair backcombed up from her face and to gather some height. The sides were styled back with a round lift that was served as a unique frame; giving stage to her pretty face. The rest of the hair is curled up into gentle locked flips upon the ends.
Frederique's hair is a precision style and can be obtained by large rollers set away from the face. A vigorous brushing will bring the roundness required followed by backcombing for the height and stability. This would be considered a high maintenance hairstyle and because of the exactness could be difficult for you to do for yourself. Her honey blonde color combination presents a soft allure to her picture.
Frederique has a light matt foundation with brushed brown eyebrows, concealor and a smoky grey shadow that is blended into her outward corners of her eyes. There is eyeliner, mascara and eyeliner with the thicker section on the top and a smudge on the bottom for a softer look. A light coral blush is lightly brushed and there is a flesh toned lip color.
Her white collar gives a formal dressier statement over her black sequins. I'd like to see small earrings for her final touch.
Frederique Bel wearing a vintage dress with a white collar
Photo by PR Photos
Frederique Bel wearing a black dress with sequins
Photo by PR Photos
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