Frederique Bel Hairstyles

Frederique Bel is a French actress, born March 24th, 1975.
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France loves their long haired blonde movie stars and Frederique Bel is one of the latest screen goddesses following the footsteps of Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot. Her hair, which has a natural dark blonde color, has been bleached to perfection and cut to long, elegant hairstyles. She easily goes from a wild, open haired bohemian look to elegant coifs and iconic hairstyles fit for a diva.
Her face is perfectly balanced and has an oval shape. This allows her to wear pretty much anything on her head that she wants. Long or short does not matter. One very high fashion hairdo for her was a back styled out-of the face look with a lot of lift on the roots and a sleek flow with a chic outward flip. Long waves and with a few volume providing layers and a center part has also been a great and very sexy look for Frederique.
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