Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Frankie Sandford - Short asymmetrical haircut for parties
Photo by PR Photos
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Frankie Sandford kept everyone mesmerized over her hairstyle in 2009 and 2011. Frankie has to be a true artist that treats her face and hair like a canvas with the blue grey eye shadow that encircles around her eyes. Generous amounts of eyeliner, lashes and mascara, darkened arched eyebrows and a flawless blush, not to mention how beautiful her foundation is complements her lip gloss.
Frankie wore her hair into an asymmetrical cut with one side clipped high around her ear while the other side pretends to be a bob. The heavy top glides over to the bob to integrate with the hair. If you happen to have an artistic personality and are outgoing this hairstyle might be exactly what you are looking for and easy for you to style. Apply styling lotion while you blow dry, spritz with holding spray and leave for work.
As Frankie shows, this short hairstyle can be elegant, something for the evening as well as at the office. Although Frankie isn't wearing earrings, I can well imagine what pearls would look like amidst all of that dark hair. Frankie has such a gorgeous olive skin tone that her best colors to wear would be oranges, reds, yellows and even mango and limes. All of the tropical colors.
Short haircut with one side clipped around the ear - Frankie Sandford
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: If you are seeking to look your best and are undecided about the colors you should be wearing, call up a girlfriend that will be honest with you and tell you the truth, even if you do not wish to hear it. If pink brings out the pink hues in your skin and deepens your eyes, which is what you should be wearing.
Do not wear black, just because everyone else is wearing it. Wear grey or navy blue instead and always remember green is a neutral color too.
Short hairstyle for women with an outgoing personality - Frankie Sandford
Photo by PR Photos
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