Frances Fisher Hairstyles

Frances Fisher is an American actress, born on May 11th, 1952.
  • Frances Fisher
  • Frances Fisher with semi long hair
  • Frances Fisher with long hair
  • Frances Fisher sporting a rounded bob hairstyle
  • Frances Fisher wearing her hair in a voluminous bob

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Frances can be proud of a long and successful career and for keeping herself looking so young and attractive. Genetics is just one part of the equation as Frances has been blessed with sparkling strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a light complexion. She has a petite shape and a unique ethereal glow about her.
Her hair has become shorter and shorter over the years as she transitioned from over the shoulder long hair, styled to a range of trendy manes, to medium long layered haircuts and eventually the scissors came out again and Frances' ears were exposed.
The short haircuts that she has been wearing are extremely flattering and give her a sassy and trendy appearance while at the same time she does not have to worry much about styling and whether each hair is still in the right place.
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