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Haircut for Busy Ladies

Frances Fisher became famous for her role in the television soap The Edge of Night as Deborah Saxon. Once you have seen her act, you do not forget the depth she carries in her eyes.
Her bright, red colored short hair (2007 & 2008) gives her a sparkle that cannot be hid. She wears it tapered short up the back and around the ears. No fancy curls for this gal. She carries the statement of a no nonsense hairstyle that can easily go hand in hand with her busy schedule. We see the smooth lines on the top of her head that lay across with a slight wisp on her forehead and modestly accommodates her pink complexion.
This haircut is for the busy lady who doesn't have time to primp or look into the mirror every moment fussing with her hair. When you decide to go for the gusto and get this haircut, you will be pleasantly surprised the little care this style requires. Wash, condition and blow the top smooth and that is it. Now, you have time to go for that hike, jog or ride your bike. This is a winner of hairstyles.
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